Professional waxing techniques by Amber Health & Beauty

Waxing Article 1 of 2 No 1Waxing is a quick and cost efficient method of removing unwanted hair, especially on the face, legs, male chest and back, and bikini areas.
Currently there are two widely used types of wax; hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax is used on more sensitive areas; like the lips of your vagina when doing Brazilian and soft wax is used for legs, face, and underarms. Areas that can take more tug and pull on them. One of the most common ingredients in all waxes is Pine Rosin, which is an ingredient when added with others allows the hardening and bonding of the wax to not only your skin, but the hair follicle and paper as well.
At the Amber Health, Beauty and Sports Injury Clinic (AHB) we now only use Lycon Wax from Australia, it is more expensive than normal salon waxes, but our Clients say “Well worth the extra, because of the improved results and less pain”.
We were probably the original Salon in the South West to use Lycon Wax, more have recently introduced this type of Wax. It is very popular, even mandatory, with Clients who come into the area and have had Lycon Wax before.

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The facts about waxing

Waxing Article 1 of 2 No 2You can get waxing done on any part of your body, to include the amazing Brazilian and Hollywood bikini waxes.
Chest and back waxing for men is fast becoming increasingly popular, sorry but no S&C.
When you go in to get waxed, whether facial or body; you normally always leave with red areas and sometimes bleeding (Heavens NO, never at Amber H&B) dependant on where you get waxed. This redness normally doesn’t subside until about an hour or two after the initial waxing. You’re probably asking why that is, well it’s because when you get waxed; especially on or around sensitive areas, like the bikini, the wax not only pulls out the hair from the follicles, but also takes off the top layer of the skin – although NOT with Lycon wax, hence why we use it.
Most Aestheticians will explain to you that when the wax is applied, it goes down into your follicle, but also attaches to the skin. That is where the redness comes from. With Lycon wax this is reduced to the absolute minimum. Some Clients even say “Wow, that was quite painless compared to my normal waxing”.

For further details about Lycon Wax visit http://www.lyconuk.com/ . There you can read all about the Australian Lycon Wax, it comes in a wide variety of finishes and is supported by Post and Pre Treatment Creams. All of which are available to purchase from Adelia.

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