Pedicures by Amber Health & Beauty

Pedicure No 1A good pair of attractive feet, no hard or cracked skin and complete with a well finished set of Toe Nails’ is an essential Business requirement. The same can be said when socially wearing open toe shoes in Spring and Summer. Remember many of your Continental and International Clients look down when shaking hands. This is when a good set of well-prepared Toe Nails – Painted if appropriate, really makes one stand out. You may think it’s “Sexist”, but Men are Men all over the world.
Don’t forget, we also have foot care treatments for both Hard and Cracked Heal Skin or Calluses.

Foot Care Treatments by MediHeel

These include the treatment of cracked heels, corns, calluses, athlete’s foot, tired feet, foot odour, poor circulation, sensitivity, etc. We Pedicure No 2offer a new treatment, unique to the Southwest; special callus peel / removal treatment MediHeel by Elim of South Africa, (visit this completely removes the hard skin calluses; frequently a result of wearing modern plastic shoes. This treatment may cost, circa £30.00 to £40.00 depending upon the type of work involved. It has only recently introduced into this Country from South Africa. We have found it to be an excellent product, which really works and can last many months.

Sixtus Foot Care Products

Amber Health & Beauty have been promoting Sixtus Pedicure Treatments and Products for over 15 years. Although not a widely known brand in the UK, they have proved to be excellent products. Sixtus is a range of products from Germany. Sixtus is the brand Pedicure No 3leader for Chiropodists in their country, manufactured with 100% natural ingredients.
Sixtus Foot care treatments, after evaluation, range from £15.00 to £45.00. So are not expensive.
There may be the need to purchase follow-up products. We are pleased to recommend a suitable Sixtus product. The benefits of regular Foot care extend beyond an instant lift. Hard skin, burning feet, cracks between the toes and athlete’s foot, are all problems that affect us at any time.
The SIXTUS range of Foot care products are based on curative Mountain Herbs and Plants from the German Alps, all the products have a refreshing Alpine fragrance which makes them enjoyable to use as well as beneficial.
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Pedicures with MAVALA Nail Products

Pedicure No 4Amber Health & Beauty specialise in the maintenance of beautiful looking feet, toes and nails. Your feet will be pampered, nails trimmed and buffed and massaged. In addition we offer a complete range of Mavala products to alleviate all nail concerns, from uneven nail surfaces, splitting and flaking due to lack of hydration or nail discolouration, there is sure to be a Mavala nail care solution to suit you.
Mavala also offers a vast array of over 150 nail colours in shades ranging from chic yet understated nudes, to the bold and vibrant.
If a different finish is requested, that can be easily accommodated.


Gelish Nail (Hands and Feet) Finishes

Pedicure No 5Amber Health & Beauty are in a position to provide the complete range of Gelish Nail Products. Gelish Nail finishes are now preferred by many of our younger Clients, especially the magnetic finishes. Plus they are easier to remove, than other “harder” finishes. Our Therapists are skilled at removing “harder” finishes, without damaging the nails.

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