Amber Health, Beauty and Sports Injury Clinic are the proud winners of the Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards 2017, specifically named Best Beauty and Physiotherapy Clinic – Plymouth and LUX Excellence Award for Soft Tissue Massage – Plymouth, and would like to offer a massive thank you to all our clients who have helped us to achieve this prestigious award.

The Amber Health, Beauty and Sports Injury Clinic are very happy to receive both compliments, and criticism should it be necessary; both of which allow us to identify where we are doing well, and where we can improve.

The Reception Area and Treatment Rooms are simply covered in Certificates of Achievement – over 40 different training courses to date have been completed. Our Client Visitors Book is well worth a read. Later you may want to add your own comment. All Clients are requested to review our Visitors Book, and to add their comments if they wish. 99.9% to date have been 100% complimentary, but should the Client have any concerns, please take them up by calling 01752 251552 or visiting the contact page.

Award for Customer Service (2015,2016 & 2017)
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Scar Work Testimorial from Denise Platts

I had some myofacial release therapy on my mastectomy scar and scar tissue where I
had a lymph node clearance under my arm. After 2 years of healing this area was
uncomfortably tight and never improved with many daily excercises. The NHS does not
provide this type of therapy, so when I researched for therapists in Plymouth, I
contacted Adelia. The treatment was amazing and I am so much more comfortable now. I
would highly recommend Adelia for this therapy. Thank you so much.
Your Telephone/Mobile: 01752368592

Sports Injury Testimonial from Louise Hambley

I have been meaning to write this for some time now, but somehow a mention
in the comments book does not do my situation enough justice!
I was the victim of a nasty car accident in May 2010 in which I sustained a
bad whiplash and lot of what was though~ to be soft tissue and ligament injury
in my lower back.
For weeks and months the pain in my back gradually became worse and
worse. I was referred for 2 sessions of Physiotherapy by my GP which
unfortunately did nothing to assist. My back pain became so bad and
aggravated that I started to suffer with chronic sciatica which radiated from the
base of my back down my left leg and into my foot. It was a mix of pain,
tingling sensations and for a prolonged period of time a complete loss of
feeling in my left foot and toes.
After a suggestion from a family friend I sought the help of an Osteopath who
over a number of sessions across a 12 month period, did improve my
condition. However unfortunately the treatment reached a point where I was
told that unfortunately no more could be done for me and my present state
might be “as good as it get’s”.
I was starting to despair of the situation as prior to the car accident I was a
very keen gym-goer and runner, and my ability to do these things had been
completely taken away from me. I was very upset, a little bit depressed and
starting to gain a little bit of weight as I was no longer getting the calorie burn I
was used to!!!
That was when I met Adelia. We got talking and I mentioned my ongoing
back problems. Adelia asked whether I had ever tried massage. If I am
honest it hadn’t crossed my mind as it did not seem a “severe” enough
treatment that I was sure I needed if my back was going to be fixed (I thought
of massage as a nice relaxing treat, not a solution to a back injury). After
making Adelia promise not to make my condition worse (I was petrified of
hurting myself further), I thought why not as I was prepared to give anything a
go if there was a possibility of making me feel better.
Treatment commenced!!! If I once thought that massage was only a
pleasurable treatment I was swiftly proved wrong!!! Having never
experienced sports/injury massage before this was a real eye opener for me –
literally!!! I started to have weekly treatments with Adelia, then moved these
to fortnightly, three weekly and so on. It is now 2 years on and I am now
maintaining 6 weekly treatments with Adelia. Although as I mentioned above,
I found the treatment quite painful initially, this subsided the more regularly I
was undergoing treatments as my injuries slowly improved. Remember – no
pai.n, no gai.n I..”.
I can honestly say the difference Adelia has made is amazing. I am now back
to road running 4 miles at a time (building the distance up little and often) and
using the gym/swimming pool 5 times a week again. I am still not 100%
recovered, but have made some fab progress and am hoping this will
continue to be the case on an ongoing basis with the assistance of Adelia’s
magic hands – and elbows (ouch!!!).
I highly recommend injury massage with Adelia as a treatment for nasty
whiplashes and injuries and am now a re1aladvocate for it, recommending it to
anyone who will stop and listen to me!!
Adelia, I have said it before and I will continue to say it: thank you for all that
you have done and continue to do for me. You will be stuck with me as a
regular customer for a long time to come!



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