Amber Health & Beauty Manicure Services

It is absolutely essential these dayManicure No 1s, for business women (and men are now getting in on the act) to have confidence when meeting Clients or fellow members of their business team. A great set of well-prepared Finger Nails really does make one stand out from the crowd. How many times have you thought – those hands look nice?

Mavala Hand Treatments and Products

The Amber Health & Beauty Clinic are one of only two suppliers in Plymouth, approved to provide Mavala treatments and sell Mavala nail products. Mavala was founded in 1958 in Geneva, Switzerland by MAdeleline VAn LAndegham. Now available in over 130 countries. Their heritage is over 50 years as a “Professional” range of very high “Swiss” quality. Mavala specialise only in treating natural nails, maintaining their health and wellbeing.
Amber Health and Beauty use many of the MAVALA products as an integral part of our treatments. What we don’t carry in stock, we are pleased to obtain any of the MAVALA range for our Clients.Manicure No 2
We have just introduced the Mavala Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Spa Manicures – Well worth a try.  These are a Premium Salon Treatment.
We also promote and use a whole range of Gelish Nail Products.  We find these are better for the nails; definitely less damaging to the Nail, than other more popular products on the market.  Gelish Nails are easier to remove, although they do require specialist curing and the finished effect is quite outstanding. Currently that is why we don’t promote Artificial Nail Extensions, for the same reason – in the long-term they are not good for the nail root.

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MAVALA Nail Products

Manicure No 3Amber Health & Beauty specialise in the maintenance of beautiful looking nails and offer a complete range of Mavala products to alleviate all nail concerns, from uneven nail surfaces, splitting and flaking due to lack of hydration or nail discolouration, there is sure to be a Mavala nail care solution to suit you. Mavala also offers a vast array of over 150 nail colours in shades ranging from chic yet understated nudes, to the bold and vibrant.

Gelish Nail FinishesManicure No 4

Amber Health & Beauty are in a position to provide the complete range of Gelish Nail Products. Gelish nail finishes are now preferred by many of our younger Clients, especially the magnetic finishes. Plus they are easier to remove, than other “harder” finishes. Our Therapists are skilled at removing “harder” finishes, without damaging the nails.

MediHand by Elim

We are currently investigating the MediHand Treatment by Elim of South Africa. The same company have developed the MediHeel Products we currently use with our Pedicures. When Adelia approves it, we will be the first in the South West to offer this specialist Manicure Treatment. Watch this space for further news.

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