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Environ No 1 of 3 Photo 1Amber Health & Beauty have been promoting the Environ Skincare range for over 15 years. Not only do we promote the Products, but use the Environ Skincare products within our range of skincare treatments, from Facials, to Needling, to Skin Peel, to Cleansing and many more. Environ ensure our Therapists are fully trained in all their Products and Techniques. This training has to be regularly maintained. A visit to our Salon will show off the courses attended.
Coming soon – Face Lift in a bottle !!!!  Better than that, it is now here in Plymouth. Ask Adelia for details.

AHB Approach to Environ Skincare Treatments

A detailed consultation is first carried out with Adelia, our Lead Therapist as part of the Amber Skin Reset Programme, from this, a personalised programme combining homecare products and in Salon facial or body treatments can be Environ No 1 of 3 Photo 2devised and agreed upon. Certain skin conditions are easier to treat than others, but many skin conditions will see an excellent improvement in a very short space of time. Unfortunately some skin conditions will take commitment, time and patience from both the Client and the Therapist. During the consultation this will be discussed fully and openly.
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For further information on the Environ Skincare Range of treatments available at the Amber Health & Beauty Salon:
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The following skin concerns can be addressed with a programme of Advanced Environ Facials, as part of Amber Skin Reset Programme treatment range:

Anti-Ageing Lines & Wrinkles reduction
Pigmentation Scarring and Stretch Mark Reduction
Uneven Skin Texture Dry or Dehydrated Skin
Oily Skin Acne or Congested Skin
Dull or Sluggish Skin Sensitive Skin
Broken Capillaries High Colour
Loss of Elasticity Improving Condition and Health of the Skin

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Adelia having a “Skin Needling or Collagen Infusion” Treatment. It looks more painful than it really is.
All the Environ Products and Skincare Treatments have achieved great international success on all types of Skin.
Equally if we have a problem or concern we have not seen before, we can consult and have direct access to specialists within the International Institute of Anti Ageing (iiAA) and even direct to Environ, the manufacturers in South Africa.
NOW AVAILABLE  “Face Lift in a Bottle”, it’s so new, we’ve only recently been told about it ourselves. Why not join those who have found out its secret.
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Something of interest to all our Environ Skin Care Product users – We have so many clients who keep asking.

Our standard cleansing routine with Environ Facial products

Step 1 –  Pre-oil cleanser,  Using 3 drops of oil put in your palm of hand and apply it all over the face. Then with your fingertips work the Pre-oil Cleanser into your face; concentrating on corners of your nose, chin, and cheeks.
Step 2. –  Dip your fingers in a bowl of warm water and work the Pre-oil Cleanser further into the skin, all over the Face.
Step 3. – Apply the hydrating mask with a brush, not too thick nor too thin, as a layer over the whole of the face, avoiding the eyes.
Step 4. –  After 15 seconds rub the mask off with a circular motion until you get little granules.
Step 5 – Select the AVST cleansing lotion put about a two pence size (about 2 cm diameter) of cleanser on your palm and with your fingertips,  tap it all over and work it into the Face. Dip fingers in your bowl of water and further work the cleanser. Then wash off and dab wipe dry using a clean paper towel.
Step 6 –  Using the AVST TONER on piece of cotton, wipe all over your face to clean off any residue of cleanser and also to prepare the skin to accept the moisturiser. Take care, avoid eyelids and under eyes, as this is thin sensitive skin.
Step 7. –  Select the AVST 1 MOISTURISER, apply 3 pumps on your middle finger.  About the size of a large PEA.  Tap all over the face and neck. Remember to put some (about two additional pumps) on your top chest, down to your cleavage.  Once you move onto AVST 2, 3, 4 or 5, etc. it will be the same process.
Step 8. – Using the RAD SUNSCREEN put on middle fingers and tap all over your eyelids and under your eyes, and then spread out over the area, using very light pressure.
Step 9. – Select MAKEUP COVER for under eyes with brush using stipple motion, apply ENLIGHTEN,  then with end of brush handle tap it lightly and blending it over the skin.  Can take time to learn (and is hard to explain).
Step 10 – With a brush, dab on and blend the orange powder from sunbeam.
Step 11. –  Only now do you apply your makeup.
NOTE – Steps 1-7 Routine at the end of the day.  Steps 6-11 This is your Routine in the Morning.  If going out in the Evening, you will need to go through the Cleansing routine again.

Good Luck.
Maria AC Chamberlain

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