IPL Hair Removal

Introducing EPL the Permanent and Painless Body Hair Reduction treatment
(A New Treatment Cooler installed)

The Amber Health, Beauty & Sports Injury Clinic is pleased to introduce their new PhaserEPL approach to IPL hair removal. The PhaserEPL is the latest generation in IPL technology, offering a wide range of treatment options, from straight forward hair removal to skin rejuvenation, and incorporates the very latest SmartliteTM technology. During the Covid-19 Lockdown we have improved the treatment and purchased a Special Skin Cooling Machine, to make the treatment virtually painless.
SmartliteTM is a unique feature, setting new standards in IPL technology and developed exclusively for the PhaserEPL Machine. This technology uses a combination of enclosed waveguide and a special reflecting cavity at the rear of the IPL flash lamp source, which increases transmission of light energy into tissue significantly compared to standard IPL machines.
This is also advantageous to
Amber Health, Beauty & Sports Injury Clinic Clients, in that we get significantly improved Client results in permanent hair reduction and increased IPL head duration, allowing us to offer very competitive prices for our IPL treatments.
Why not contact Adelia for a Patch Test and Treatment Plan. Prices can range from £35 to £120 per session initially, but are reduced after 5 sessions to between £25 to £95 per session.
Contact Amber Health & Beauty for an appointment, or see the Amber Price List for current information
IPL or EPL Systems are not a panacea for every permanent hair removal treatment; IPL is better described as permanent hair reduction and is never guaranteed to give 100% removal of hair. It is your hair growth that causes the problem. Our Chromogenex PhaserEPL Machine is the very latest technology, and which we believe gives the best results. It is after all manufactured in the UK.  It is a premium treatment.
To work efficiently the Client must also have the correct type of hair for IPL treatments to give you the best results. It works better on coarse, dark hair and so should not be used to treat blonde hair as the results will be minimal and in some cases could encourage the hair to grow and become coarse and dark! Hence why
Amber Health & Beauty always has an initial Consultation with the Client and carries out a Patch Test. It is not a “Walk in – Flash, Flash” type of treatment. The Initial consultation and patch test can take up to 45 minutes, for which we make a small charge (£25.00), later if the Client goes ahead with a course of treatments; this £25.00 is taken off the treatment cost.
The Client should allow at least 4 to 5 IPL treatments to start seeing the results, by which time you will definitely know if it is working and our Senior Therapist would say if you are not experiencing substantial results by this time, then it isn’t the treatment for you and to save your money.  We want you to get the results you expect.
Most popular with the ladies; are face, chin, bikini and under-arms and we have had brilliant results with practically no re-growth after the recommended number of treatments. Yes, Gentlemen, it is virtually painless especially with the New Skin Cooler, so is ideal for men’s backs or chests.  So, Ladies, tell your man how young he would look without a hairy back or chest.  Start now and be ready for the year ahead.
Our treatment prices are openly displayed on our Pricelist. IPL is a premium treatment using the very latest technology.

Contact Amber Health & Beauty for an appointment or see the Amber Price List for current information.